The 6989 "Wightwick Hall" Restoration Group.

The 6989 "Wightwick Hall" Restoration Group

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6989 Wightwick Hall 
Restored at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre,Quainton,
by the 6989 Restoration Group.

Restoration  'Highly Commended' by the Transport Trust 2011
Updated 29 August 2019.

Upcoming appearances of 6989:
18,19 and 20 October Battlefield Line 50th Anniversary Gala.




11 December 2018.

6989 moves under own steam for first time since May 1964. Photo M Tayler.

The aim of this website is to provide information on: the history of 6989; the support groups and fundraising activity and how you can help keep this magnificent engine in operation. Look in regularly, we update at least twice per month. We regularly place new pictures around the website.

Any contribution can be sent to the webmaster at

Principal Officers of the 6989 Restoration Group Committee:

Rod Wallis Chairperson

Jeff Jackson Hon Secretary

Chris Tayler Hon Treasurer

Charlie Jones Chief Engineer


2 March 2019. 6989's first passenger service since 1964 during exclusive 6989 Supporters' event. Photo M Tayler.

Subject to continued funding through shop sales, donations and subscriptions, 6989 will be commissioned and run in during 2019 before being available for hire. Contact for hiring ''



 11 December 2018 Formal in-frames steam test passed.

3 March 2019 Public launch event at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.